iskra magazine voice of the doukhobors

Current Issue (#2094) - September 1 Сентябя, 2015

Cover Photo:

Family of Doukhobor leaders: Peter Petrovich Verigin II (standing, l.) and his sister, Anna Petrovna Markova (seated, r.) and their parents, Peter Petrovich Verigin-Chistyakov and Anna Fyodorovna Verigin. This composite photo was created and manually colourized by John F. Straloff (1905-1968), a self-taught “man of many talents”, who made many historic photos of Doukhobor people and events from the 1930s into the 1950s.
~ Photo courtesy of the BIRCHES Publishing.

September Issue Contents



by Stephanie Swetlishoff

Reflections on Yasnaya Polyana

by Hannah Hadikin